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A Central Dashboard for CMS website backups

Regardless of the Backup Plugin or CMS platform you prefer to use!

Schedule • Run • Monitor • Alert

We provide our service by carefully integrating these plugins, without modifying their code at all, in a license compatible way right under the hood of your website.

    • Akeeba Backup For WordPress and Joomla

      Akeeba Backup

    • Easy Joomla Backup for Joomla

      Easy Joomla Backup

    • XCloner Backup Plugin for WordPress


    • Updraft Plus for WordPress

      Updraft Plus

    • BackWPup for WordPress


    • All-In-One WP Migration for WordPress

      All-In-One WP Migration

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Integrations are done in a license-compatible way, on your site, by installing our connector plugin, which provides our secure endpoint for our service.

Global overview of all your sites & their backups.

We make backups easy again. Never be without your backup information.

Set up unlimited backup schedules for all your sites, regardless of which CMS or Backup Plugin you use.

Run unlimited backups at the press of a button, utilizing your own choice of backup plugin on each site — or even multiple plugins on the same site!

Sit and watch the show, or set and forget and come back later and see the progress and recent backups.

Be alerted when backups fail. Produce monthly reports and quickly see trends in backup file sizes.

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FREE for everyone until 2024.

FREE until 2024

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Previously asked questions

If you have questions email Phil direct at or use the contact form for near instant replies.

    • What is is a central dashboard connecting to Joomla/WordPress sites and powering backups for already installed backup plugins, even if those plugins provide no API themselves - we do!

    • But I prefer BackWPup which has no API?

      We provide our service by carefully integrating these plugins, without modifying their code at all, in a license compatible way right under the hood of your website. By reverse engineering we are able to provide our own API for plugins which have no remote API or central dashboards.

    • Can I schedule my backups?

      Absolutely! At the core of our product is a powerful cron based scheduler.

    • Can I get notifications when a backup fails?

      Notifications - email, Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat, Discord, IFTTT, Webhook and many more notification channels are available to configure, not only for backup failures but other events at all.

    • Can I plant a tree every time I run a backup?

      YES! With our IFTTT integration you can plant a tree when a backup is started thanks to more:trees!

    • If I use Akeeba do I need the paid/pro version?

      No. works under the hood without the Akeeba JSON API, so you don't need Akeeba Backup Professional and the free/Core version of Akeeba is compatible with our service. You should still pay Akeeba for a subscription for their work if you value their support.

    • I use - why do I need this too?

      That's a long story and the subject of a much longer article to be written. essentially provides integration with a wide variety of backups and not just Akeeba like does. Furthermore, contains notification channels such as Google Chat, Discord, Slack, Telegram, Pushover, and unlimited integrations through IFTTT integration.

    • What notification providers do you use?

      Email, Slack, MS Teams Chat, Google Chat, Telegram, Discord, Webhooks, Pushover Mobile App, IFTTT - want more? Just ask!

    • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?